Bohemian Rhapsody DVD/Blu-ray : the impressive revival of the Live Aid

The DVD and Blu-ray of Bohemian Rhapsody are now available. The bonus we dive into the amazing reproduction of the legendary Live Aid concert in the company of actors and technicians. A monumental task for a result stunning. 2017 Twentieth Century Fox, July 13, 1985. London. Philadelphia.70 artists. 1.5 billion viewers in over 100 countries. The Live Aid is unquestionably the concert to the most mythical of History, immortalized by the performance stellar Queen. Opening scene and climax of Bohemian Rhapsody, the reconstruction of this event was undoubtedly the biggest challenge the team of the film, as very much expected by the public. The bonus of the DVD and Blu-ray, available since 6 march, offer to visit the scenes of the filming of this sequence. The d├ęcor in order To reproduce this time, a single word : authenticity. Built on a large airfield off the coast of London, the replica of the Wembley stadium has been reproduced as close to the same. The teams have searched the archives and have put the hand on the original plans of the years 30. Although they have not recovered to those of the version of 1985, they were able to grasp the details of the photos and videos of the era. A plateau of 5.5 meters of height, a rotating plate under the battery, instruments tuned, posters, behind the scenes, or the paint is peeling… everything has been carefully worked to stick a maximum to the aesthetic of the Live Aid. The construction company that had built the scene at the time has even been dispatched to oversee this revival. And we must believe that this eagerness has paid off since Bob Geldof, producer of the event, Brian May and Roger Taylor, guitarist and drummer of Queen, were the first amazed by the accuracy of the decorations. The public In 1985, nearly 100,000 lucky rushed in the Wembley stadium to attend the concert of the century. Of course, the production did not appeal to as many of the extras : the audience was made up of 300 people pimped 80s fashion with cuts mullet, mustaches and other legs eph’. The rest of the spectators was reproduced numerically through the technique of “spriting”. It was a question of “filming people in costumes on a green background to compose the crowd as an individual” as explained by the supervisor of special effects. Each was asked to perform movements – dancing, clapping hands and even interact with a neighbor’s invisible – and then it was the turn of the technical team to extract all these spectators to disseminate in the space of the stage and form a crowd likely. To push the detail to the maximum, even the gestures of the audience of Live Aid which were reproduced. Thanks to the rigorous work of the team of special effects, the render is amazing, the crowd is homogeneous and remarkably realistic. The actors in The Live Aid was one of the first sequences shot, for reasons of planning and especially because of the climate English. A major challenge for Rami Malek, Gwilym Lee, Ben Hardy and Joseph Mazzello who knew each other for only two weeks. Because in addition to having to learn the songs and the gestures of their characters, they had to shape the relationship that was theirs at this stage of their career, after having been at the summit and will be faced with many a hitch. They have therefore taken advantage of the rehearsal time to create this connection, supported by Brian May and Roger Taylor. In order to better soak up the atmosphere of the time, the four actors have been able to count on a team of prop makers demanding. Thus, for example, the true Fender Brian May was used by Gwilym Lee. Side costumes, the model of jean de Freddie Mercury has been repatriated to the United States, the shirts and sneakers have been re-created by the marks. A conditions galvanizing, which facilitated the interpretation of the quartet, which is launched in the execution of the entire set in one take 20 minutes, without interruption, so as to keep the energy intact. Bohemian Rhapsody BONUS VO "to Become Freddie Mercury" in Addition to the backstage of Live Aid, the bonus of the DVD and Blu-ray also include the complete concert, including two titles that are missing from the mounting film (We Will Rock You and Crazy Little Thing Called Love), the transformation of Rami Malek and a dive in the look and the sound of Queen.

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