Odile Vuillemin (A Perfect Man) : "once the viewer stands in the place of Daphne and asks questions with his guts, it’s worth all the speeches of the world"

Meeting with the team of the telefilm event aired tonight on France 2, which addresses directly the taboo of sexual violence on minors. A perfect Man is adapted from the novel of A perfect son of Mathieu Menegaux. What is it that has given you the desire of you take this subject ? Guillaume Bernard, producer : This is a second novel of an author who starts, we had enjoyed the first book, but we could not adapt it for the tv because it was too black. As soon as the second came out, it was immediately read, and we adored him. It was a topic that we were afraid of, but it seemed to us important to address. And we are lucky enough to have this box social on France 2, which allows us to make films demanding, where one has the impression to do a bit more than a movie having a true responsibility, and it is also the role of the public service. It took two autrices confirmed and very talented, Dominique Garnier and Francoise Charpiat, to adapt, and very quickly we put a developer in the loop. Given the complexity of the project, we wanted to reflect upstream all set to go in the same direction. Didier Bivel, director : We were all the same point of view on the film. I was very scared from reading the script, but it was an absolute need to tell this story and it was all envy. It was actually very intelligent, paying attention to everyone, we all listened. We wanted to aim high because you can not go wrong on this kind of story. I don’t know if it was successful, but this is what we tried to do. How to put images on a subject so difficult ? How to choose what we watch and what we don’t show ? Didier Bivel : there has been a real labour of writing to know how far one could go, in agreement with the chain. On the shoot, we tried to ask the right questions, guided by the imperative of quality, while remaining within the scope of the television. There are things that we can say there are things that you can not show, that it is necessary to suggest… It was the goal of the film : to make account of the violence of the situation without disrupting the viewer. Has it been easy to convince the chain ? Guillaume Bernard : Yes, we were very surprised. We had already made a film about societal very strong before, but this project was especially bitter. France 2 is immediately seized, and there was no brake on their part. Without falling into melodrama or sentimentality, they have allowed us to deal directly with the topic, anchored in the reality. The requalification of the act of incest in the law was the news at that time, but more generally there is a willingness on the part of the public service to address the major themes of societal, often accompanied by debates. France 2/Adrenaline Have you immediately thought of Odile Vuillemin for the role of Daphne ? Guillaume Bernard : immediately, yes ! (laughter) he had Been seen in many films and was found to be very talented, capable of taking a subject that any actress can not wear. It was instinctive; for we Odile had to embody this character. Odile Vuillemin : It is always for my apple ! Charles Bernard, producer : The issue, it was not to know what actress was going to interpret it, but is it that Odile Vuillemin was going to accept the role. (laughter) In The right of way on TF1, you’ve got already a very difficult role for a subject company. Why have you accepted this role ? Odile Vuillemin : Two things, actually : technically, no actress wouldn’t dream of being offered this type of role, it is a challenge that is formidable so for that alone, this would be a con not to go there; and then it is my side ethnologist, this is what I wanted to do before being an actress. We have the opportunity as an actor to reflect society and to move the lines. I know that when I turned The Grip, it is one of the only real times in my life where I felt useful, that felt pretty amazing. With luck, A perfect Man will have the same route. Do you think that fiction can create the debate, to move things forward ? Odile Vuillemin : beyond creating the debate, the fiction, if it is well done, force the viewer to feel. As long as the human don’t experience the emotion, the rhetoric is good, but it does not go down in the body, so it is always very difficult to project. Once the viewer stands in the place of Daphne and asks questions with his guts, that’s worth of the speech in the world. Yes, the fiction here has great power, she is popular, which makes it more accessible than legislation debated in the afternoon in the chamber. Charles Bernard : Yes, and one of the problems with incest is that if there are too few people who are finally condemned, it is that most of the time the trials were conducted long after the fact. If there is one. Because there is a sheet of lead which settles. Here, the fact that it is a little girl who, at the time the acts are committed, be able to do it, is to be able to engage in a legal battle. If there is a message to pass there, it is never quiet this kind of phenomenon. The reaction of Odile in the movie, it is the reaction that all moms should have, and it is a real fight. It is necessary to talk about it, don’t hide it in the secrets family, otherwise you can never truly rebuild. If it can help a number of people to break the omerta, we will have done our job. Channel+/Adrenalin do you Think that adults and children can communicate about this film ? Guillaume Bernard : This is the aim, and besides, we lived through the young actresses in the film. There has been a work of explanation, and we certainly saw how it could establish the dialogue between them and their families. They were supervised by psychologists on the shooting, which is a usual procedure requested by the Ddass for this type of film with a sensitive topic. Of course, the first concern of the team was that the children are preserved. Odile, you’re worried that it locks you in dramatic roles and that you are not longer asking for that ? Odile Vuillemin : If you want me to lock them up, lock me up ! (laughs) everyone asks me this question. The comedy, I’ll come back when I get a that will give me envy to go there. By what yes, turn stuff lighter, with pleasure, but when you look at the applications of strings it is often social issues strong. I have not yet had the proposal for a period film or comedy that made me do “wow” more than the other. Actually, there is a tendency to call me for roles that require real capabilities of self-giving, and it is rather flattering… It is up to me to say no at any given time, but when you are offered a role like that of Daphne, any actress sensible would be silly to refuse. Guillaume Bernard : Also, few actresses are capable of playing roles like that, where you can’t afford a single second of cheating because the subject is too serious, and there are not many directors capable of filming, with sufficient modesty, and realism as the fact Didier. It is not easy to find people who are able to carry out projects is also difficult. A Perfect Man : we saw the movie clash of France 2 with Odile Vuillemin interview to Luchon on 8 February 2019