Castle Rock : season 2 will be a prequel of Misery by Stephen King

After a season 1 mixed, the series “Castle Rock”, adapted from the universe of Stephen King, will shortly return for a 2nd season with Lizzy Caplan and Tim Robbins in the leading roles, and a plot inspired by “Misery”… So that a theory imagined that the season 2 of the series anthological Castle Rock along the lines of Shining, Hulu has just announced that it is another work of Stephen King who has been chosen to feed this new round of 10 episodes. It will be even a prequel to Misery ! As well, the actress Lizzy Caplan (Masters of Sex) will take over the role of Annie Wilkes, young, who had earned Kathy Bates won an Oscar for his performance creepy in 1990. After the synopsis, official : “In the city of Castle Rock, a battle raged between two enemy clans. When the nurse Annie Wilkes arrives, she takes a sharp turn for the unexpected…” Are also advertised in the casting of Tim Robbins, who will play another already existing character in the universe of King, Reginald “Pop” Merrill, the patriarch of a mafia family present in the novel The Sun Dog, who is dying here of cancer; and Garrett Hedlund in the role of his nephew, John “Ace” Merrill, who intends to resume the different businesses of his uncle after his death… As the 1st, the 2nd season should be scheduled with us on Canal + before the end of the year.

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