Death of Patrick Grandperret, a former assistant of Pialat and director of the Master of the elephants

The director and French producer Patrick Grandperret died on Saturday, march 9, at the age of 72 years. Former assistant director Maurice Pialat, he had realized “The Master of the elephants” and “Deadly”. D. R. The producer and French producer Patrick Grandperret died in his sleep on Saturday, march 9, at the age of 72 years. Unique personality, he had realized The Child Lion and the Master of The elephants, a testimony to its passion for Africa. Wizard of Pialat After studies in business at the ESSEC business school, Patrick Grandperret, with a passion for mechanical sports, sign for agencies photo essays on the great price. In the early 70’s, playing At the top of the volcano by Malcolm Lowry born in the young man a desire of cinema – even if the book will be finally brought to the screen by John Huston. He began his career in the 7th Art as a photographer, then became an assistant director, notably with Pialat on Passe ton bac d’abord (1979) and Loulou (1980). Heir of Jean Rouch In 1981, he directed his first feature-length film, Short-Circuit, in which this former biker combines his passion for racing on two wheels and his dedication to the marginalized of society. Filmmaker at the margins, Patrick Grandperret earns his living by producing dozens of commercials. For his second opus, Mona, and Me, dive into the Paris of the punks and squatters between dope, system D, and rock ‘ n ‘ roll, the filmmaker is inspired by the eventful life of his friend, Simon Reggiani : “My attitude made me think of one of Jean Rouch, who will be filming people in Africa. But here, it was someone who lived foolish things next to me”, will declare to the Cahiers du cinema the filmmaker about this film-cult, Prix Jean-Vigo 1990. Passion africa Africa, Patrick Grandperret the crosses on the occasion of the movie that reveals to the general public, The Child lion , a tale that captivates young and old 1993. The black continent meets in the heart of his two feature films the following, interpreted by Jacques Dutronc : the Master of The elephants (1995), study of a father/son relationship, and The Victims (1996), a thriller which is struggling to convince the critics and the audience. Actor, producer and occasional for his friends filmmakers Claire Denis or Stévenin, Grandperret went on to make television movies and short films, until the widow of Maurice Pialat , become a producer, he proposes to resume a project aborted by the author of Van Gogh : Murder or the tragic spree of two teenage girls at odds. Inspired by a story, the film is presented in Cannes in the un Certain Regard section in 2006. The a-band section of the Deadly : Deadly trailer VF